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Visual Lint - Interactive Code Analysis

Visual Lint is an interactive static code analysis environment used by companies worldwide to improve the quality of the code produced and maintained by their software development teams.

Squash bugs early with automated code analysis

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While other code analysis products require you to manually analyse files one at a time and present results in an arcane plain text form, Visual Lint can analyse your files automatically while you edit and presents the analysis results you need in easy to interpret displays.


Code analysis has never been this easy.


To use Visual Lint, you must have access to licenced installations of at least one supported analysis tool (e.g. PC-lint, PC-lint Plus, CppCheck, FxCop or FindBugs) and development environment (e.g Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse).

If you need to purchase PC-lint licences, we can supply them in our online store.

"I really believe that this tool has contributed more than any other in improving the quality of the software I release."
- Simon Raybould, Freelance Software Consultant